Awakened by a Dream
Who would ever agree that their thoughts would be mad, insane and not normal?
I have checked the dictionary and I do fall into those categories by definition.
I think by my thoughts and writings that I have placed my being into those categories.
I always thought that we could speak our minds without the world casting stones in our direction.
Should I be removed by society and placed in an institution for what I have said?
In this republic in which I stand I am free to be this being.
Who shaped this creature that I am?
What a notion to realize at my age of 63.
It is rather frightening idea.
I guess I could paint a lovely picture and cut my hair weekly,
trim my moustache daily,
were blue suits,
white shirts with red ties,
black socks and black shoes.
Attend church and kneel before the cross.
Work without a hint of thought, quietly.
I guess I can start again?
It is only a picture to assume some kind of normalcy.
“Oh my!  Toto?”
Awakened by a Dream

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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