The climate here in Kentucky is ideal.
It is the picture perfect postcard as our dayís blooms into color.
Buying a piece of land is quite simple and quite a bargain.
So why arenít folks driving their buses into Kentucky to settle
this beautiful piece of property?

Is it the political climate?
Is it the deep rooted religious climate?
The answer to both questions is yes, the rest of the world is extremely frightened by
the religious and political climates in this state.
The image of Kentucky is rooted in the Daisy Mae,
Coverall Wild Eyed Blue Pickup Trucks with large wheels plowing thru the woods killing
deer, rabbits and liberals with their Long Kentucky Rifles.
This image is not true because most Kentuckians are law abiding and all
of this states bad habits have been changed by laws.
Is their an under current of feelings imbedded in the social values of this state that can be felt by strangers?
Writers like Pat Conroy, Erskine Caldwell, Ross Lockridge Jr, Tennessee Williams,
Harper Lee have painted a picture of the south that does not go away and may never go away
People are still driving four-wheeled drive vehicles through the woods and
hunting animals as sport here in this state?


Crimes Against Nature

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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