We saw the ocean at night, we saw the green sand glow in the moonlight. As the waves swept up to greet us, we sat and marveled. Young children enjoying the green glow of sand. We played in the ocean, we knew about the tides.
We watch the seals swim in the ocean, the sea otters work on their backs. We poked the dead seals laying on the beach.
We gathered wood and picked up broken glass. We started fires to keep warm on the beaches cool nights. We slept around the fires. Our beaches were Huntington, Tin Can, Seal and Long Beach. Wood and drift wood, tin cans, bottles, broken bottles would always be at Tin Can Beach.
The mountains were just a drive away. The San Gabriel foothills were near. Our parents took us to ShadyOaks, a pay campground. A one room store/payup/dancehall/judebox/nightclub. The days at this camp we spent climbing/poking/building. We dammed up the little creak during one year. A swimming hole two and half feet deep and thirty feet long. We had very small rapids, just right for one inner tube. We would spin around and bounce our bodies against boulders.
At night we would go up and listen to Fats singing Blue Berry Hill on the jukebox, as the Christmas lights sparkled year round. We wound gather pine needles and lay a blanket on our bed under trees and stars.
My dad had Gladsy & Tommy carved into a treeheart with arrow.

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