Accelerating a dream.
The power of the written word.
Colorful pixels coded to view on an electronic screen.
A swiftly moving signal on a fiber optic beam caters to our emotions.
The wheel turns, no one bothers to see why.
We go out and buy a computer stamped out by some school girl earning her way through college.
I type a word, and then click the wavy black dots that say send.
We do not bother to ask why?
We only want the machine to send a message to you.
And I want something better!
Like Flash Gordon every street corner sends a signal through space.
But we do not bother to ask why/how?
Remember the vinyl record; it is now a collection of some wealthy dream.
I have three old computers on dusty shelves, broken and of no use,
carbon, plastic, floppy and metal in old beige cases.
Wars, money and peace can be moved swiftly on promises.
We have faith that we can accelerate a dream.
Pretty far fetched.
Accelerating a dream.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


Words & Graphics by Tomas