Religion, man and Monday Night Football?
My grandfather Pablo would work eight hours at the Huntington Library Cactus garden then he would come home and work on his garden until dark. I know he must have done other things than this but that is all I ever saw him do.
My father was the same way though he worked at a factory but he did come home and work in his garden with a glass of Rainier Ale close by.
Those two Diaz men that I knew and maybe the rest too spent hours in their gardens. The gardens and the men were inseparable.
My grandfather was very religious and my father quit the church after my mother left. All the men in the Diaz family worked on the San Gabriel Mission and the Huntington Library from time to time. They all lived within a mile of the church in their younger years.
Gardens and religion. I never saw my grandfather praying out in the garden but I had the feeling that this was his thing and the garden and god were interchangeable, indistinguishable.
And now I see men walking in robes spending all their time reaffirming what their prayers say. They make vows of obedience to the temples of god. They walk the earth proclaiming by example the existence of god.
I wanted to be that way. What has changed?
If I am without cloth or the discipline where does that place me?
If man and women are without cloth where does that place us?
Am I to be placed in a category by the cloth that I wear or the way I sprawl on the ground or pray?
What is the difference?
If the mind is with god where is the man?
Religion, man and Monday Night Football?

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