The Animals

Between the beginning and the end we have all written that great book.
We start off foaming at the sea and then looking out of that glass window of thought toward the end.
We have conquered the beasts in the jungle and caged or neutered what was left. We feed on the spoils.
First the thought was the test tube and now the thought is the gene pool.
The crossed eyed and the limping will be left at the wayside as we are neutered by law and
the sweet teapot will be polished and placed in the gene pool.
The short tempered and dull will be left in the dust of old textbooks.
Those that rant beyond the range of normal will be standing in line at St. Vincent DePaul's food line.
Someday the flaw will be recognized as the fuel that ignites life but by then the flaw will
be lost between the digital dots of technology.
We are going to the zoo on Saturday.
This will be Natasha's first view of animal life and maybe my last view.
She will see them as being in their natural environment and
I will keep quiet as she absorbs the roars, furs and colors of delight.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas