As life in sinking to it's lowest levels in Iraq. George Bush is asking me," How much money do you have?"
He says he needs $74 billion dollars.
I told him I had $6 dollars in my wallet and I told him my lunch would was going to be $4 dollars.
That just left me $2 dollars to pay off the war debts.
I guess I'll stop by the bank and borrow $75 billion.
That should leave Laurel about $1 billion for the rest of the week.
 Has anyone ever tried to figure out how much each man, women or child would have to pay to pay off this months war debt?
My calculator does not have enough zeros across the top to even think about it?
I am shaking my head, I should go out there and dig in the garden and talk to the birds.
Somebody is putting shit into the stew and it tastes like crap.
Well, at least my little brain is spaced out, that is a good sign.
I know what I am seeing.
The shit is above my ankles.
Aretha Franklin is singing, "Rescue Me" in the background as I type.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas