Asleep at the Wheel
I look around at all these steel gray fences and bars and ask my self,
"Who stole the country?"
Like an umbrella this steel cage has blanketed our system of government.
The White House is draped in heavy red shroud,
The Judiciary is draped in heavy white silk, and
our Congress is draped in very blue mood.
This is just for a moment I hear them say,
"We'll give it back to you when all is peaceful and quiet."
How could we let this happen?
Who fell asleep at the wheel?
Like the wires behind this computer our government has created a monster that
lived behind the framework of our vision and now envelopes our world.
The wires now poke down over us like a helmet, over and into everything.
It is seeing and hearing what is on our minds,
even in our dreams.
We are,
Asleep at the Wheel

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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Words & Graphics by Tomas