We are what we are.
We are human beings.
Some of us live in peace.
Peace that is deep in the heart of mankind.
Words are but a mere fraction of what we really think.
If our minds had the power to create peace on earth then we would live as gods forever.
But we don't.
So we try as best we can to do the best we can to achieve peace.
Some of us scream for peace, some of us march for peace, some of us are at peace.
Sitting in the woods seems to put us closer to the earth.
But we can sit in the city at peace with the world as we type on our writers and do the same thing.
These pages only enforce the feeling of this understanding.
 Misty mornings, fog and cool weather, low clouds, damp wet days.
The leaves hang wet and orange, it is fall.
The body is chilled by the change in the weather.
The hummingbirds have left. The tomatoes are about done.
A heavy frost will do them in.
I have seen another lesson, the video with Ramon has given me insight into what is yet to come.
We live in the past here in Kentucky.
Understanding is some distance away.

  Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas