A Very Large Planet

Technology has made this very large planet seem small. I have walked in the United States from state to state and to me it was very large. Some of you have walked in foreign speaking countries where there is no transportation and this planet seems very, very large.
Our ability to speak and see each other has changed our lives dramatically. We are able to fly from place to place very easy, money and political climates being the largest obstacles in our movement. I know that in the sixties I moved away from the big cities and television because I was being indoctrinated and intimidated. The telephone, television and now the Internet have moved our minds into places that we probably should not have been.
I have learned that there is a place in the mind that is quiet and peaceful. I had always thought that peace was what happens after a war. But there is a peace that is in the mind that was placed there from our early stages of life. It is not difficult to find if you put your body in a simple environment. (At the beach at sunset, a porch swing in the evening).
I learned at Morningstar that I could carry that peace in my mind at will. That I could sit in the middle of a crowded environment and be at peace, I have learned to carry that peace in my every move that I make because of visiting the Zen Monastery in Carmel and asking a simple question.
To be or not to be, that is the question. I chose to be. I also chose peace. I also chose peace of mind.
I will write and send this " Peace" to you and then go wash the dishes, maybe mow the yard and maybe sit and watch the birds, the news on the Internet and the television.
Pretty far out for a creature that should be grazing and slumbering in the sun.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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