Sunday Morning
I want to hear the sounds of just the birds and the wind but
I hear the morning sounds of machinery and the birds.
It is peaceful out here. The cat is rubbing my leg; it is her time for breakfast.
Laurel is still asleep, Kentucky is still asleep, and the wood on the deck is damp to my touch.
The view from these eyes sees the world at peace. If I communicate with the world with the radio or
a TV they will say that they are at war. They will show me violence.
How can I show them the peace in my view? Would they see it? Are they too busy to see?
Is there someone in this morning solitude planning a war?
Are they planning a war while their wife sleeps in peace in the other room?
Can we be patient and wait. Are we waiting in peace?
Someone is stirring the pot.
Can a piece of this "morning peace" be stirred into this pot so that the world can taste and understand it?
If everyone could read my mind……..
I am living in a peace.
There are a lot of words in this world.
We twist and turn them like a puzzle.
We play a tune with the mind of man.
Laurel is up,
the cat woke her up,
the cat was outside,
I let her in and
she promptly woke Laurel.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas