The Barkers Charm
This is an awakening morning, it does not matter how may times I awake to these morning bird songs or
the vivid colors that I behold before me, it is new.
It is rewritten again because I see it again for the first time.
These are not the same songs, the same colors; these are somehow different, new.
Every moment is new; even the old worn sounds are new.
 Somehow I forgot to bring yesterdays tempest into this new day.
Those of you that feed the birds near your garden will know or find out that those birds also feed on insects.
The leaves, flowers and foliage of your plants will be free and clear.
Somehow the work that was done in the past was carried over into this bright new day.
Like a circus barker I stand in colors and clothes, my raggedy voice charms the faces in the crowd,
“Come in and see the New Day, it is beyond your wildest dreams”,
”Delight in the New Soft Air, see colors so brand new that they have a fragrance”,
“Open the New Box/Day and smell the "new day" freshness”,
“And there are old sounds to keep you comfortable and warm, old voices that ripple through your mind like a nice rocker, a warm comfortable quilt."
Humming bird and bees are making their rounds, the flower are splendid, so cool.
The barker charms the audience while the Tom cats fight.
I cannot explain to the Toms that this is their world.
As the day awakes the world imposes it’s will on you, it moves you, it sings to you.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas