Birds and Songs

During the time that I was at Tolstoy and Morningstar I totally believed that I was responsible for
all the violence in the world. I was conditioned by my upbringing to believe that by not
behaving I was responsible for all the aches and pains throughout the world.
As we know the body is not capable of such enduring pain.
The churches still want you to believe that your sin piles on to the heap, and if you do not do as
told your back will break and you will end up in hell.
Well if you believe that (as I did) you will certainly be in some mental pain.
The truth is that the flowers smell sweetly and the warm bread in the oven are not wrong.
The dust from your kitchen floor is going outside as you sweep.
The flowers and children before our eyes tell us a different story.
The fresh air in the country is rich in organic smells and remembrances that are not wrong.
We are responsible for what we do and if we are at peace then so our mind and body will follow.
Hopefully then other humans will see the light from the sun each second of the day, but that is too much to ask for.
I'll just look at each word,
song lyric and
try to be at peace.

Laurel and I sat out on the wooden deck this morning and marveled at the world.
I just kept repeating something like "far-out" as I watched the birds fly into the Hackberry tree and
listened to the morning sounds.
Dew was on the ground and deck.
We sat and drank coffee and watched the world at peace this morning.
Birds and Songs

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Words & Graphics by Tomas