My mind is moving through the night.
When I was working the eight to five I wanted my nights for rest.
And now with my days free to be my nights are also free to be.
Most people do not see that day.
When they were very young they did not understand the meaning of free to be.
And when the schools pounded the meaning into their skulls it was time to work the eight to five.
So the meaning of those words stayed lost until those poor souls retired.
Well folks back in the sixties the children decided it was time to drop out and
reflect on the meaning of all those words that we learned in school and catechism classes.
Of course some bright souls never had to leave the classrooms to understand those words but
folks like me needed a lot of time and help to understand the earth and the meaning of peace,
why Jesus was the son of god,
why Buddha sat under the tree until peace came,
why Gandhi decide to weave his owns clothes.
Laurel just walked in and said the war had spread to Turkey.
The black cat rubs her leg against mine.
Peace is here;
the jobs are moving out of town and
Bush smiles and rubs his hands together.
Maybe the bolt factory in town will start producing tanks and ammo.
And my dad can build that bomb shelter that he was promised thirty years ago.
 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas