Buzzard Rock Café

Last night we stopped by the Buzzard Rock Café located at the Marina on Lake Barkley near Kuttawa in Kentucky.
When we arrived and parked our vehicles we could hear the sound of loud music coming from the general area of the marina. Laurel and I had been in the general area a few times and it seemed quiet and comfortable.
As we approached the Buzzard Rock Café we realized that there were a lot of people there. The four of us sat at a booth in a screened in area overlooking the marina. We were sitting right over the top of a live band blasting away on the floor below us. Being a southern rocker I found it quite comfortable but Laurel did not like the loud sound at all. We talked and waited. It was very busy café.
We talked and waited. It was very busy café.
After about fifteen minutes we felt like we were being avoided. We talked and waited. It was very busy café and we said so in our conversation.
After about thirty minutes we felt like we were being avoided. We talked and waited. It was very busy café and we said so in our conversation I also said that I was having a great time visiting with our friends. The day had been remarkable and pleasant.
I noticed that beer was being served and said something to Laurel and she said that this was one of the places that was serving liquor. They had just passed a law providing liquor to a few places in the lake area to promote tourism. Well apparently it was working quite well because we were there and so were a hundred other folks. We had heard that the food was quite good. The girls asked us to go after something to drink and we did.
We talked and waited. It was very busy café.
After about 60 minutes we felt like we were being avoided. We talked and waited. It was very busy café and we said so in our conversation.
The band had finished itís first set and was just finishing up itís second set.
I really tried to apologize for the discomfort.
Do I really have to go on with this story?
We finally got some service but by now it was too late the atmosphere had turned dark and the daylight was gone.
We had arrived at 730 pm and we pulled out of the parking lot at 930 pm.
Would I go back? Well what do you think?
They paid a terrible price for our discomfort and here is a link to there website.
Stop by and visit the area it is a very beautiful place.

Buzzard Rock Cafe

I have been out on the lake near here and it is a dream come true. It is a place to be.
If Laurel decides to write about our experience there, it will not be as nice as this.
It is always nice to have a lot of opinions on a nice Sunny Day.
I feel good and please have a nice day.


A Letter From Laurel

Dear manager of the Buzzard Rock Cafe.  Last Saturday evening, 08/16/03, four of us decided to come to your place to eat dinner, partly because my husband and I had never eaten there and partly because our friends said you had wonderful food.  We arrived at 7:10 p.m.  Our first impression was that this must be a great place because the parking lot was full.  We were next confronted with really, really loud music (which didn't bother us too much even though the restaurant was vibrating and it was difficult to carry on a conversation).  We were soon seated in a booth on the screened porch.  We were hungry and were looking forward to a delightful meal.

What happened next was beyond belief.  By 8:00 p.m. a waitress still had not come to our table.  We tried to get the waitress' attention, but she never did look our way.  She seemed as if she was too busy talking to her other customers to notice four disgruntled patrons who had been sitting there for an hour and had not been waited on.  My friend's husband finally went to the main room and obtained cokes and beer for us because we were so thirsty.  After waiting for another 20 minutes or so, my friend's husband went and found menus for us so we could be ready to order when the waitress finally showed up.  For your information, the two or three waitresses we saw passed our table numerous times but never once stopped and asked if we had been waited on.  I finally asked a gentleman if he was the manager.  He said "no," but evidently told the waitress because she finally came over and apologized for the delay.  My friend knew her, so we felt kind of funny complaining about the service.  She took our orders and left.  We ordered nachos for appetizer, three salads and a hamburger.  Meanwhile, she brought another round of drinks.  She finally brought the appetizer and we proceeded to eat it.  We sat through two or more of the band's sets and it was now approaching 9:00 p.m. -- and still no food.  Since your closing time was fast approaching, most of the customers had already left -- and still we had no food.  Meanwhile, we noticed that other parties had arrived and were already served their food.  Finally, the waitress brought our food to the table.  By this time, we were absolutely ravished and started eating.  Let me tell you, we were disappointed beyond belief.  We were served HOT salads which tasted really yucky.  Even the salad dressing was hot from sitting out so long.  We did not leave until 9:30 p.m. and vowed never to return to your establishment.  I have never in my life experienced such poor service from any area restaurant -- even the awful ones.  The server did take 50% off the bill (she received no tip) but this did little to erase the terrible taste we had in our mouths from the experience.  And, your prices are not cheap, but we were willing to pay because of the atmosphere and my friend's recommendation that the food was always "good" when they have eaten there.

Now, you may say, we were busy that night.  I say, not good enough.  Poor service deserves frequent advertisement of the fact that you can't deliver the goods.  Your website looks great, but your restaurant stinks.  Believe me, I have not hesitated to tell all my friends about the horrendous service we experienced at your place.  They all said they would have left after 15 minutes.  And, I'm sure all these friends will tell more friends until it gets around that you run a lousy joint.  For your information, we'll not be back any time in the next century.  You may say, too bad, we won't miss you.  I say, we can spend our hard-earned money some place else that truly appreciates customers and knows how to cater to them.  (For your information, we are a middle-aged couple from this area with enough disposable cash to eat out a lot.)  If enough of us disgruntled customers voice our disappointment and displeasure, and decide not to come back, maybe you'll get the message to do a better job when you have empty seats in your cafe.  Or, are you counting on the booze to keep you afloat? =:(

Adios.   Laurel

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