9 am CST and I am saying a prayer.
I ask myself “Is there a war in Iraq at this moment?” and I answer to myself, “No there is no war in Iraq as I speak.”
War is avoided as I speak. How can we avoid a war? And I say, “War is avoided as we speak.”
It would take an act of congress to start a war.
Then again the president has stolen the power to create war from congress, a little side step, a slip of the tongue,
a sly maneuver, a little three card monty and congress is politically tied and blindfolded, their backs are
turned away awaiting the death of de”mock”racy as we speak.
The pork barrel is full of congressmen, like squirming earth worms they are stuck at the door,
they can’t go in and they can’t go out.
We await the word of god.
When he speaks we shall go to war.
9 am CST and I am saying a prayer.

Prayer for Global Peace


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Words & Graphics by Tomas