I am trying to define the moment that I am here.
I have seen the writing on the wall.
The writing has taken us on the tour.
The writing has basted the turkey bringing the glaze out into the fire.
I have tried to define the moment that you are here.
I have tried to see your journey as you step from day to day.
I have tried to see the stars that brighten your day with laughter.
I am always trying to place us in a moment in time where our smiles bring good feelings across the planet and hopefully the universe.
I have hopefully tried to see the man sitting in a golden space.
I have tried to walk with the friendly hands of the past.
I have tried to see what they see. What they see is the moment that we are here.
The light shines brightly, lighting our way, it shines for the planet.
I am trying to define the moment that I am here.

There is the moment of bliss when a woman accepts a man as he rolls with delight.
That is a defined moment in time.
There is no other moment at that time.

The sunsets and a new day arrives, I awake with the sounds of birds and green grasses and green trees.
Humming birds and Goldfinch dart and fly about my skies in the movement of their day.
Some people awake with the blue green ocean lapping against the tan sand with white and
cream colored seagulls riding the warm currents in the a distant curved horizon.
Our moment is here.
The dark pixels on these white screens send us on these voyages, these moments.
We can turn away to another point of view.
A grandchild can grasp your leg and you can turn your attention to them.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas