California Environmentalists 2003

The anthropologists had set up their tents between the ribbons of highway from Bakersfield to Las Vegas.
They were sifting the sands for debris, the remnants of the traveling civilization that apparently (or we may say for sure)
moved back and forth through the desert in the year 2003.
Found along the highway were cans with slogans and clear but torn wrappers, blue plastic bottles,
brown bottles (broken and unbroken), wallets and an occasional human remains.
The anthropologists have set up workstation along the edge of these ribbons of highways to store their findings.
It has been leaked to the press that maybe over 2000 tons of remnants have been found.
It is inconclusive as to why these remains are along the highway.
Some had said it was a religious tossing over the tops of what anthropologists called automobiles.
Since California was noted to be a very environmental state it is very unlikely as to why these remains are
laid to rest along these roads.
I was a little late for the global prayer for peace but I did add my little reverberation to the ripple.
It moved like a wave on the ocean moving toward the peace that we sit and see on the shoreline.
Bluegrass music is picking at my mind.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas