Explosive Words
 Words are jumping off the pages.
Emotions are stirring, steam is rising off the top of heads.
There is an explosion of power, a kettle, a volcano, a man is speaking and typing words.
What does it mean?
Are we standing close by while the mind turns a new thought, what is happening?
I have no clue other than the fact that I was there not so very long ago.
My ability to work took care of most of that steam.
I molded that power, I chugged, I puffed, and I rolled the arr's.
I placed bricks in my attic, I shored up the dam.
Some of us are lucky, we have the ability to work off the steam, to pound the nail, to pull the plow.
Some folks do not have that luxury.
So I just listen and try to understand the movement of words on this small explosive pad.
Mostly I do not understand and then again I do understand.

Why am I pointing words toward your heart?
Is there peace and love, an angel that dwells in the heart of mankind?
Santana is asking me to be one, to be the light.
We are still for peace as the warriors swing their lances in our faces.
We are about to get hurt.
What a terrible price to pay for peace.
The dove flies over the stadium as the warrior sends his arrow to destruction.
We see this every day, what is the price that I must pay for this in my heart.
I am not going to sling the arrow, but he will.
My voice cannot stop him, my mind can understand him a he forces the spike into my heart.
Songs that sway our minds and bodies stop the violence for a time.
We can stand as one; we will be mowed down by the sickle.
Who will frighten the winds of war; roll the red cloud into the holiday dreams.

No matter what is said and done, peace is the final solution.
Peace can be accomplished through negotiation.
It may take a lifetime but it is the easiest solution.
It is not the fastest, war seems to be the fastest, but "seems" is the iffy word.
What do we do with the children and adults that are brainwashed into hating some other human beings?
They have leaders and those leaders are responsible for moving the families in the proper direction.
If they have been influenced to think about hate, then they can be influenced to think about peace.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas