Ronald Reagans "Piss On You"
(Trickle Down) economy has finally hit it's mark in the year 2003.
I saw the Democratic Leadership Committee on television last week and boy were they frightened.
They said that they could not move to the left to get reelected.
One young man was trying to say something between the lines but he could not without offending the others.
They were stuck in the rolling ball of politics, what a shame!
There was no leadership there!
This is the emotion that I felt after seeing them.
 The world around me is leaning to far to the right.
Like a willow that is driven by the wind, policy is hanging over the edge.
They are so afraid that they will be called a coward or not patriotic if they lean ever so slightly to the left.
Fascism is at the bottom of that cliff, so sad.
Red white and blue banners are on the far wall of that kitchen.
Trapped and frightened they will not turn back. I can see them moving and we all can cry, "look-out!"
The tape is playing the "Star Spangled Banner", so loudly.
I love the song but I'm going back to the left.
Germany's Old Generals would be proud of Bush's Blitzkrieg (The Lightning War).
I saw the moon covered by the shadow of the earth; a thin veil, a wisp of clouds, covered the moon.
It was light gray with a small amount of red.
Laurel took pictures of the darkness.
It was pleasant and cool.


 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas