The world keeps away from me like the plague.
 It is either my boisterous talking or my affection with the anti war thoughts.
Walking into our home is like walking into the sixties.
If you believe in violence then you will be uncomfortable.
I assume that if you walk into our home then big brother will follow you out like a dreaded scar on your records.
I have been told it is because of people like me that the government puts up fences surrounding the airports.
It is like that old equations that states that if you lay down with dogs then you will have fleas.
When the world walks away from us we do feel it.
Islam and Christianity are like two opposite poles that repel each other.
They are constantly tugging and pulling at each others hair.
God the ball is bounced like the constant soccer ball.
Our home is like colorful image of Christmas, a rainbow of lights creating a mood of a warm Christmas.
If I were to walk into a Christian church then the mood would be of a little Childs birth.
This mood in our home leans toward the celebrations of life that young child gave us.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas