I am overwhelmed, the chill is in the air.
Outside of this protective shell the weather is cold.
The trees are bare against the foggy horizon.
Everything is covered in frost, it looks cold and it is cold.
I am pampered, this abode protects me from this cold environment.
This environment is tainted by the colors of society.
I am blasted by every means, every orifice on this body is blasted with a slogan.
If I were to jump out of this environment and run free naked I would swiftly be picked up by the local law official.
So where do I confine this freedom too?
I am confined to display this freedom in my dress and what goes into every orifice on this body and
every inch of this so called property that I maintain.
So sad that I am confined by what has gotten into this mind.
The creature that ran in the Garden of Eden, happy to be alive is aged and confined by comfort.
Well I can still dream of the flowing golden hair.
I can dance in circles as the CD reminds me colorful sounds.
Have these words that society taught me confined me or freed me?

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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Words & Graphics by Tomas