This morning I saw a movie with a happy ending and I remembered the folks at Tolstoy and Morningstar and I smiled.
I knew that I was loved and cared for.
I was given what the world could not give.
I was given the sense of being a human being on this planet.
A footing of goodwill, a path, the light to walk on.
It is easy for me to see the way, the common good, the view, as Kyle said, “the sunset, the sunrise”.
I know that you care deeply about the turmoil surrounding us but we can sit in this quiet time and
see and feel the peace that we have created.

Global Peace

From:   Ramon Sender
      Subject:  5 minutes in the AM

On the list and also posted to the WELL Jewish, Buddhist and
                Spirituality conferences as well as to other lists, a group of
                us have begun meditating a‘peacebeam’ together
                at 7 AM Pacific Time - that's 10 AM East Coast, etc. -- for
                just five minutes.

                The suggestion was that we gather ourselves into one
                great glorious WHOOOOM of LOVE POWER and reach out to
                those poor paranoid leaders who feel like they're sitting
                on a cataclysm's bull's eye and just gurgle them up
                into warm, bubbly frothy chi better than any orgasm can
                possibly feel and keep them there until all their testosterone-
                inspired need to lock antlers just melts away.

                Remember, the group mind listens to a high-energy transmission
                if it's synchronized. The hundred-and-oneth-plus monkeys
                are about to get the great idea to wash their sweet potatoes.


                For those who would like more specific suggestions:

                First, take a few seconds to center and breathe a few
                relaxed breaths, and visualize your "transmitter" warming
                up. When you are ready, at or about 7 AM beam the
                following message:

                (speak aloud if you wish:)
                "May all beings be peaceful and happy forever. May those
                parts of the planet overwhelmed by strife and hatred be
                surprised by a sudden joy and forgiveness for themselves
                in for others.
                May those in distress or pain have their suffering alleviated.
                May the birds of the air, the beasts of the fields and forests, all
                living things be blessed.
                May the trees and plants, all growing things find nourishment and
                the sunlight and pure air they require.
                May all waters become pure, and those creatures living in them
                healed and replenished.
                May weather everywhere return to gentle weather, and all disturbances
                May we awaken in peace and happiness
                May all troubles melt away, and best dreams come true.
                May we understand deeply how we are of each other.
                May we become each other's best friend, counselor or partner,
                brother, or sister,
                mother or father.
                May we all, embraced in peace by each other, become one.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas