Hard as Brick
Our little home is made out of bricks. It is small and economical.
Yesterday I drilled two holes in the side of those bricks to hold my trash containers.  They have been flying around the yard because of the storms so I thought I would tie them down. It took me about a half hour to drill one hole about 2" deep. I burned up one drill bit and had to come in and get my new bit. My back is sore this morning. I was reminded of old Lock & Dam # 50 on the Ohio River where I used to work. The Lock was built out of river gravel and almost impossible to drill into. You could spend days with a star drill pounding away at that solid wall and get nowhere.
And thenů
And then along comes a storm out of the sky and destroys brick homes and buildings in Tennessee just a hundred miles south of here. Here I spent one hour drilling two holes for two hooks and a tornado could tear down this place down in just a few minutes. What incredible power.
One of the storms past over our heads Sunday night, I followed it on the computer as it passed above us. Laurel was tired and ready for bed, I made her get dressed, she fell asleep dressed in bed. It was spooky but nothing happened, it was very quiet.
We had a terrible time coming in last night, it was so nice out, I told Laurel that this was the feeling that we had at Morningstar, the incredible comfortable feeling of being.
This morning the birds are singing loudly out there, a mocking bird dive-bombed me yesterday to get at one of the feeders. I never saw it coming and it never touched me.
Last week I was out in the garden changing the oil on the garden tiller next to the Hackberry tree when I turned my head and looked over my shoulder. There in the tree just a few yards away was our Red Headed Woodpecker. Boy is he stout, he is a lot bigger than I thought he was. We eye balled each other and he flew around the trunk of the tree.
Take Care

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Words & Graphics by Tomas