Circles and squares, everywhere I look I see circles and squares.
We follow the path that revolves in a circle.
Our voices are like the circles always repeating the same thing. We continue, we still move forward.
Our sadness is the fact that the world continues listening and reading; nodding yes and ok.
The world understands the poem, nodding yes then ok.
We still sing, we still pound keys; we chant at the idols and yes we still nod yes we understand.
The knight kneels with his sword. He prays to the figure on the wall, "Please let the wall fall".
The bear went over the mountain. The bear toppled the wall. Who was under the wall? Who is over the hill?
We are the forces that topple the walls of man.
Of manů.. the other being.
Is it getting confusing? What part of the wall are we? Did they hurt us? Or did we hurt them?
The powerful man that reads this, just smiles and tosses it away. Nodding yes then ok.
This song is an amusement ride for the mind, a game piece on the computer screen,
an amusement for the night and then on to business in the morning.
How can I continue?
The radio sings a song.
The humming birds dart about.
The tomatoes are ripe on the vine.
Laurel wants a new floor.
I have a view.
I see.
How can I continue?

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas