This morning we received our first dusting of snow. It is less than a quarter of an inch but it is wet snow.
I am washing clothes and dishes. I am also moving files and links onto the new website. In updating the links I find myself scanning over what I wrote.
I blitz. What does that word mean?
Anyway as I read I find that what I wrote does not make sense. And then I realize what the words are all about.
I had failed to slow my thoughts down to the basic level of each word.
I know most of us read rather swiftly. We never gather the meaning or savor the meaning of each word.
The exorcize here on this web site is two fold.
One is to put you in a comfortable state of mind and the other is to inform the young reader that
all of us have bad moments in our lives.
I really do not think that I have accomplished either.
I do want the reader to slow down. I want you to see/seize the moment.
Grasp each word, understand each word, stop and examine the vehicle that places you here.
What I write is not important. The important thing is to realize the moment that is here.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas