Some Kind of Incarnation

If we could spend some time in space looking down at the earth what could we see?
Does the ash from the burning bush fall to the earth or does it float forever?
There is too much of us on this planet to say that we do not exist after our death.
There is dust, an atmosphere, memory, bone, minds, books, carvings, candles and
mirrors, seeds that we planted plus all that spiritual realm that
exists in the mind of man.
The earth is made up of living organisms,
dumb or intelligent, green and tall, or deep and blue.
To say that we become nothing after our death is just wishful thinking.
In our mind we could just exist and no more could be said.
But rumors abound in the whispers of men, someone has burned or buried us,
we have risen with ash or we have turned in the soil.
We could always fly your body into outer space but if we did then you would be there.
It would be very difficult to remove us from existence.
We are as much a part of this earth as the earth is part of us.
Men and women have spoken in word about where we will go, no one knows.
Our thought plus religion and atheism are just minor movements in the minds of men.
Whatever we decide is where we will be.
Everything that we see is some kind of incarnation of existence.
We can stand still and hold a candle and the world around us will be illuminated.
We can stand still without a candle and our body will work internally and
create an aura of warmth around us; our halo.
We can pick up the candle or we can leave it behind but it is difficult to remove the aura that surrounds us.
That fact that I speak about it creates some kind of incarnation of existence.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas