In the Morning
As we were sitting out on the deck Sunday Morning,
I was talking to Laurel about how we awoke at Morningstar to the air about us,
we were not enclosed by concrete or wood, very few of us had very secure arrangements for lodging.
Most of the time it was out in the air under a tree.
When we awoke in those situations we were outside,
we had time to gaze, to absorb the planet around us.
So seeing the animals around us is not new.
Even before Morningstar I spent half of my life outdoors.
My father was a camper, one week at Tin Can beach, one week at the mountains (Shady Oaks).
If you have hitch hiked about the country you have to sleep wherever you find privacy,
behind a shed, under a tree, on the edge of a river, railway or highway.
In the northern climates you must take shelter away from the bitter cold.
But in California it is just a chill and some dampness.
In the Morning

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Words & Graphics by Tomas