We are here.
We are sometimes thankful.
Government revolves around our being here.
Common sense creates what ever we choose.
We can move about our world.
Are we lucky enough to live in a world that lets us write freely here on the net or are
we in some place on this planet that needs some improvement?
Are these messages seen throughout the world?
If they are then they know what they need to perfect their realm.
Who is the freest person on this planet?
Can you tell me?
Are you the freest?
When we spread the wealth throughout the world does it become better?
Does the field become level through this communication?
Can we bury the wheel after it has been invented?
Today we are thankful and we celebrate that with a peaceful meal.
Did someone ask us to kill our neighbor after the dishes were dried?
If we are peaceful at dinner then we can be peaceful all the time.
It is our choice.
It is mine.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas