It is dark out; it is very early Sunday Morning.
I hear the hum of the fish tank and the water falling.
I can imagine a bird with its head tucked under its feathers asleep.
It is early.
I have checked the email.
I have looked at the news, today is not one of those "No news is good news" days.
All the news is about death and destruction and the songs we sing for the dead,
 the apologies for the sons and daughters that have died for the flag.
So sad, I asked them not to fight, not to declare war.
They would not listen to me; my mail to them is still
 unopened and on a conveyor belt that is headed for the incinerator/hell.
Someone is shaking their fist; arms extended very high,
some are choosing sides and painting signs, drawing lines and fighting.
Some are sitting still at home.
Some are sitting still in the middle of the intersections of our crossroads.
Somebody wants war, somebody wants peace,
I want peace.
Today is not one of those,
"No news is good news" days.
The sun did come up.
Not a pleasant mixture.
So sad.
It is nice here in Kentucky.
I almost want to apologize for being.
So sad.
I want peace on earth. I only have peace in my heart.
So sad.
Sit in peace.
Stand still for peace.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas