Movie Review: The Passion of the Christ
This movie is a study in violence.
My system shut down half way through the film.
I should have known what to expect but curiosity and the hype were too much to overcome.
I have read the bible and it was a terrible thing that society did to that Jewish man.
The violence in this movie is not much different than the violence we see in the news every day.
Muslims and Christians are fighting as we speak.
This the first time I have ever seen 300 little old ladies at an “R Rated” “SLASHER” movie.
This is a highly skilled state of the art study in violence.
The bible tells us the story; this movie paints a terrible picture of the crucifixion.
In 2000 years we haven’t learned much?
Do you expect this movie to teach you a lesson?
We only have this moment to be at peace with god.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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