The 50's, the 60's
I have lost a lot.
Death and destruction have wiped away the good memories of peace.
I will dig out in the garden and plant some onion sets and turn the garden over.
I will fill my sinkhole with stones.
This past weekend I placed some old reel-to-reel Cuban recordings on to a CD, they sounded ok, they are not studio recordings; some of the sounds wavered a bit. All were recorded on a Wollensak T1515 Reel to Reel tape deck. Some of them were taken from live radio out of Havana before Castro put and end to that era. Some recordings were taped at large dance halls in Miami and New York. All the recordings are live and recorded in the late fifties and early sixties.
It has been difficult to write about the peace in my heart when so many lives have been lost.
The peace is still there, that cannot be taken away.
I still see the birds and the land.
It is Spring and it sparkles, it comes up from within the deep and sprays like a fountain.
I still see the human forms that pass before me; they are alive and splendid in their array of thoughts and movements.
Take Care.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas