It is warm in this dwelling; it is cold out in the frosty chill of winter. Winter keeps me in the warmth of cover.
It is difficult to leave the warmth of this dwelling. Snow is falling; it is a drifting swirling powder. The cats have found a warm place to sleep. The birds are devouring the seed at the feeder while the snow falls. I am cleaning the hickory cabinets; rock music is pounding the silence.
Mother Earth does bathe us from time to time. She carries waste down out of the clouds over our bodies and to the sea.
I am sharing the silence with the world, wish you were here.
My mind is high, I am selecting letters on a keyboard, wishing you well.
Free the mind , free the nation, free the earth.
Freeing the earth? It is free to travel in it's confined orbit.
Free the mind, it is free, no charged.
Free the nation? That cannot be done, it has been stipulated, taxed and collated;
it has been advised of it's legal rights and obligations.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas