Lemon Alert
Without a vote the new president of the United States is republican.
Without a fight, words and rhetoric are meaningless.
The presidential space is bought, voted on and paid for.
The machine has placed our president in a safe place.
Big business has cast your vote in the interest of our war-torn country.
We know it is a done deal.
Courage, words and votes are meaningless.
I saw it on TV so I know its true.
The poles are the only real vote and they do not lie.

As your mother and Moses said,
 “ Do not Kill, follow the red, white and blue and wear clean underwear.”
I saw a movie with Margaret O’Brian (Our Vines Have Tender Grapes) where she said something about
Goodwill Toward Men
and we all cried and
knew the world was going to be a better place because of what her character said.

Well I have been waiting for thirty years and you have disappointed me.
You still believe that war will clean up this mess.
I sometimes wonder whom I am talking too.
Of course its not you, it’s those other folks over there.
Have I pointed in the proper direction?
I feel like I have done my duty for my country and pointed out that man over there.
He looks a little seedy, you know the type!
Lemon Alert

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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Words & Graphics by Tomas