It is so quiet, dark and I am still thinking.
So cool and far out.
This curser blinks as I sit and stare, thinking.
Thinking about old wood, Corky and Pam.
The quiet.
There is so much I cannot explain, I try reading Tolstoy but he is of the old school.
Sometimes it's good to sit and watch.
I put a coat of sealer on the new deck. It was hot, I could not stop, after one hour my heart was beating hard but I could not stop. I decided to sit and rest as the salt and sweat poured from my body. My heart still pounded five minutes later as I sat still. My world felt good. I rested and then I went back out and finished the deck.
The deck looks nice; it is a watery cool shade of wood grain.
Laurel calls Allison on the phone, the phone rings and rings.
A quiet soft voice say, "Ell lo!"  Laurel says, " Hi Natasha, this is grandma, Hi Natasha"
We live in a world so different then the way we were brought up.
We carry telephones like pistols strapped to our belts and bags.
We stand and talk out in the middle of nowhere.
Far out so cool.
I thought about me not wanting anything....
I sit surrounded by luxury.
If Laurel had not wanted the luxury I would still be sitting alone and still.
I thought about how she has taken me for a ride and I just followed alone enjoying the beauty and wealth.
I could give it all away in a minute but Laurel says nope she'll keep it.
She says we worked hard for it.
It is a different world but still it is our world.
This world so round, the world that you said belonged to me is pretty far out.
It seems strange that far off over there violence is flaring up while I sit here and ponder the blinking curser.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas