The Marching Band
It is early Saturday morning. It is light out. The morning is about to wake up. My back is stiff. I provided a backrub to my lower back to be able to sit here and write. It is not pleasant.
My mind is numb. My back is someplace close by.
The pleasant thought of the Marching Band is gone. The faint pounding in the air has fallen by the wayside. There are not too many young folks in the Marching Band, at the most maybe twelve young men and women. Their leader seems rather grand because the sound they make is clear and concise. There is no wrong note poking fun of the air. Their brilliance is in the clarity of the morning's fresh air sounds. It is nice to be in the neighborhood when they play.
I noticed about a month ago the difference in the quality of sound that this band played.
Ronald Reagan did away with the funding for the local band.
His trickle down economy shaved the pencil sharp.
The band and art in this community have been the discarded shavings.
Our band directors have been discarded like the shavings of the pencil.
Minimum wages are all this school can handle.
Some bigger school system down the line will corral a fine band director.
This one is a keeper that we cannot afford.
This is quiet shame that we endure, art and music have to fall by the wayside in this school community.

A link from Ramon which does not have anything to do with school budgets.
But this quote does reflect my morning moods.
Laurel is laughing quite loud in bed, we are off to see Allison and family later this morning.
These words below parallel my thoughts.

" What will be is already here, limited by our own limited vision,
for truly the world is a vision being unveiled."

A quote from Satprem,
The rock band of the sixties is now so spiritual.
So normal, so kind, so alive.
Life has moved in a circle, a cycle.
From ash to organic to green.

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