Eric Clapton is giving us free concert.
My mind is racing in the middle of the night.
My imagination is swaying to the music.
My inner emotions are turbulent is a mild exotic way.
I think of my voice and the many stories I keep repeating over and over again.
My voice is loud and boisterous.
People when they hear it they just want to dial a friend on the phone and say hello.
They do and it irritates me, but that is life.
Laurel and I went off to California to see my family. It has taken thirty years to set foot in California.
Everything and everyone was magical, it was a beautiful roller coaster of love, family and color.
We took photos along the way, they were magical too because each photo told a story of each place and time.
Our senses were put on high alert.
There was not enough time to see friends, which was sad.
I tell Laurel next year we will visit the big trees in Humbolt County and
then drop by and see some friends.
Funny we did not see any war out in California.
We did see and feel the smog in LA.
They need some kind of exhaust fan cut into the side or through the mountains.
The news kept repeating something about a war.
Is this some wishful thinking, this constant bombardment about a war.
Who is talking this trash?

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas