Now our life is mired in “should I stay in Iraq” or “should I go home to the U.S.”
Is this not what happened to the world when the French and then later the United States were in Vietnam.
We seem to be slowly suckered into this political mire.
To save face the United States must remain in Iraq or loose the country to the underground.
If we stay then death will follow our young men, if we leave the political battle is lost, so sad, not so cool.
What’s next for Iraq, ethic cleansing, kill all the men then rape all the women so that they will be all Christians.
The UN and the rest of the world are rubbing their hands with glee just watching the
U. S. squirm and then....... their hearts will dip cold when they see the U.S. build
fortified walls around the oil fields and let the rest of the country go to hell.
That seems to be the only solution that makes sense to the money folks.
Another Iron curtain is going up, fire up the Corps of Engineers, lets get this ball rolling.
The world was right and now we have oil, next bid please.

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