A slight ripple as I walked down the isle of the grocery store. I have been here before. It has started slowly and has moved alone in stages. I lay quietly in bed not moving. Any movement has meant a slight pain. As I sit quietly, there is a rather uncomfortably warm glow, a warmth over my right leg. My back now aches.
I feel better I'll just do this, another ripple in my upper back, not so harsh but a warning.
It has been a while now. I have waited, I have lain still, and I have kept still.
It has been over a week. I can now sit and write on the computer. The pain is not severe, just persistent. This type of pain has moved on to an unbearable type that required help. So I am cautious as I move my body.
I had a nerve that was pinched in my back that required surgery.
The soft gel between my backbone was resting against my nerves in my backbone.
It sent a message to my brain telling it that my leg was in extreme pain. There was nothing wrong with my leg.
Just a pinched nerve that sent a wrong message.
This seems to be moving it that direction.
I hope I am wrong, but this pain seems persistent and evasive.

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