January 2003
Do not take the line off.  We tell the new employee that. It makes life so much simpler on the river. What happens when you walk away and do another chore? Yep you look back and they have taken the line off. For some reason they cannot put it back on. I see them trying to put it back on. But it is becoming much more difficult to put the line back on. The barge seems to be way out of position and it is. I walk over and ask them to throw me the eye in the line. It is very difficult because the line and the tie off post are nowhere near where it is supposed to be. Why did they take the line off? Was it because they knew so much more then I did? Whatever the reason they take the line off. Life on the river becomes very dangerous because of that. There is no easy way to explain this to anyone why it is dangerous. The barge moves to far and the other line on the opposite end of the barge stops it from moving farther in one direction, once the line reaches the stopping point (like a rubber band) it sends the barge in the opposite direction and since the line is off over there it keeps moving away from the tie off point. The more it moves the harder it is to put the line back on. It is so much simpler to leave the line alone. As long as the barge just sits still it will not bounce back and forth.
It is difficult to explain this to anyone.
I think I am talking about war. It is difficult to explain how dangerous war is and the momentum it carries. It is such a heavy load and the mind of a child just does not know how dangerous it is. We can explain it to them but they do not seem to understand? To them they can make an adjustment by using war as a way to achieve a goal. They forget or do not know how to stop the momentum that war carries in the mind. The mind on the opposite end of the spectrum just does not know how to stop the hate. Where is the level head that creates peace by just being nearby? The level head is too old or gone away; it is out of reach of the mind that needs it so much.
Where is the leader with the level head? He is at peace out in the woods he is tired and old. No one sees him or cares of his existence. They do not know that the world needs his peace. They are caught in the frenzy of loud voices and the momentum is moving swiftly away from his peace.
 There is a message here between these dots………………. a message that should be sent to the minds of man, the human beings on this planet. But the space is empty, void……..
Where is the peace?
And so it goes in the year of our lord 2003 in the small town of Kentucky.
January 2003



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Words & Graphics by Tomas