The Sun Day Morning Overcast

Morning sounds
Cloudy and overcast
Not warm just comfortable
Clear and clean
Flowers in bloom
No thought just being
I poured 2Ē of rain from the rain gauge. The calendar says its summer but it is still spring.
This is Sunday morning.
I am to be.
The tomatoes are confined in their cages they need staking.
Green and wet this world is flourishing.
Off in the distance there are campaigns for peace, here the world is at peace.
Here is a photo, I am surrounded by homes.

Morning peace, no dust or gas.
I hear the sounds of cows, cars, crows, humming birds, finches and fans.
Cars move on the way to work or to get the morning paper.
The pot belly stove has been replaced by McDonalds.
Old men sit and tell their colorful lies and tales.
They are sitting with their coffee and friends.
Compost, vegetation and water will create an oasis.
Now I am thinking.
Can I share a peaceful moment?
Is it possible to covey a wonderful feeling of peace?
There is a sound here like a cat purring. I look over at the cat and he is sitting and bathing, not purring. Could it be the Humming bird is nearby, no I see no hummer?  Maybe it is a low flying plane off in the distance perhaps? Maybe there is a car driving down the road?
I think that the world is purring.
This backyard peace is overwhelming.
This backyard peace is real.
This backyard peace is alive.
I want to go into this abode and send this greeting to you but it is so dam peaceful just sitting here being alive on this world, this planet.
Over there the world curves in green
Down there the world is low.
Out off in the distance those trees are high.
The cars are in line.
We have words for everything.
The Sun Day morning overcast
Natasha will be two on the 4th. She is opening doors; this is giving us a fright!
Can the world sit here in peace without chatting?
When is the devil going to peak around that house and shoot at me?
So strange, the world has to fly over here to create chaos.
Warlords are the world in decay
They stand in blood and anger
How strange to respect the mind that created the Atomic Bomb.
How strange to respect the government that dropped the Atomic Bomb.
I respect the men that want and live in peace.
I sit alone at home in peace
This is not a peace I created, it is just so/is
The earth has been washed by rain
After an hour out here the sun is just peaking through the clouds.
I feel itís warmth, itís gone
May your/the day be seen with understanding and peace.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas