Perhaps there is a word to describe a human being that will kill another human being because
he dislikes the way the other human being thinks.
What logic brings murder to this next step of killing another human being?
How can a person hate the creations of god?
Why do human beings always take the wrong turn and call it right.
Every man that we look up too as having a good relationship with god/good deplores violence.
We worship the ground they walk on but we somehow find a way to logically hate another human being.
My answer is to stay peaceful.
Do not use logic as a weapon of war or violence.

I am creating compost in the garden from old corn stalks.
The tomatoes are about done I'll wait for the first frost before I compost those plants.
The Mums, Marigolds and the wild pink Cosmos are now in full bloom.
In the sixties there was an influence of young people that converged on San Francisco because they believed in peace and wanted to live that way. Have they disappeared in the year 2002 or have they seamlessly moved forward in time. I could say that they today still feel as I do that peace is always the proper alternative. We are not foaming at the mouth with war rhetoric we are living in peace. We are not parading down the vocal road; we are now living in peace.
We have listened to all the songs that the singers have sung; just about all have wanted peace on this planet.
So now I do live in peace but I stand behind the youth that rally in peace.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas