My skin itches.
There is eeriness in the atmosphere near Kuwait.
You can see the chemicals and gases as they hang heavy on the horizon.
The land is dead.
Anything alive will blister and bake on the march to Baghdad.
The march to Baghdad will be the sacrifice of mankind's folly to rid an evil creature from the land.
Everyone above ground will die while those below will wine and dine.
The land near Baghdad is desolate and without life.
It looks like puffs of smoke coming out of the earth. All I can see for miles on end is sand.
Puffs of smoke lift from this planet in a way that makes the sands seem hotter.
Is this really the war that he spoke about? There is no enemy that I can see.
Bodies of the families of Iraq lie everywhere, the sand is drifting over them.
My silver garb is hot. We are walking side by side; there is no enemy to be seen.
We are supposed to root out the enemy but from where?
All I can see is puffs of smoke coming out of the earth.
We have tried to stop the smoke from coming out of the earth but it has torn open the suits of those who have tried.
Bulldozers have tried to covers the steam but the smoke just covers the steel and makes it impossible to sit on.
The pentagon wants to just leave the area, but higher authorities say that we will win the war of the smoking sands.
All of the innocent people of the big cities have died; only the warriors remain above and (we assume) below the ground.
The planes are flying overhead but all they see and hear is me.
This land is dead.
What has won the war?
My skin itches.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas