An old friend Nancy came by to visit us here in Marion. She had come home for a high school reunion.
She told us that Laurel and I at the time that we met back in 1968-69, “ That we were an Oasis in the Middle of the Desert,”
We had never thought of us that way at that time. I was running off to work in my boondocks and my overalls and Laurel was home alone and pregnant.
With no heat but a fire place, (we burned chunks of coal from a coal bin out in the back of the old house) no phone, no TV,
no washing machine, no car and a old home full of termites.
Laurel would walk to town to the library in her mini skirt and blouse that was liberated from any constraints.
Nancy followed Laurel home, that’s how they met.
Nancy works with and at the VA but for a long time she ran a shelter for veterans of the Vietnam war in Lexington, KY.

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