Nobody died for peace today.
I am at peace today,
the trees are budding,
and spring is here,
if the world were at peace then there would not be any wars.
I learned today the United States is restarting the "Oil for Food" program in Iraq.
They rehired all the same people that were working for the program before the war.
I do not think that the folks in Iraq were so bad off as far as food goes.
Sadaam Hussain eliminated everyone that did not believe the way he did.
The United States war with Iraq just eliminated everyone that did not believe the way they did.
The U.S. made a big mistake;
they could have changed the way Iraq was heading through the United Nations.
Well I guess that everyone has told the Emperor that he has no clothes as
he looks into the mirror that was built on April 1st.?
What is more oil going to do for the common man in the United States?
It is not black any more it is red with blood.
Every time we pump gas into our autos we are going to see the man lying in the gutter by the side of the road.
Nobody died for peace today.
If god has been looking down at the world he has built he would not be proud.
Maybe we would be proud for the way that we have acted.
We have played our computer game with real blood today.
The computer industry should be real proud and I think they may.
Tomorrow we will get up and eat breakfast and tend to the garden.
It is spring and time to tend the garden.
Nobody died for peace today.
The United States funded the computer gaming industry in the eighties and nineties.
They may not be funding the industry today but there may be no need fund them today.
Every boy that grew up playing those games is proficient at killing in those games.
They are brain dead are far as seeing human beings as targets.
The targets are just a continuation of the game.
Today's tanks, helicopter and airplanes use basically the same joysticks to kill human beings.
The United States does not need to train our young to kill they already knew how.
Those young men are very proficient at killing and see no harm because they are following orders.
The streets of Baghdad are littered with the bodies of human beings that
some proficient gamer killed because they were following orders.
The United States sees no harm in killing the thugs/human beings that were part of the Iraqi army.
Nobody died for peace today.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas