T. E. Boyle’s book Drop City
This is a  "NoReview"
Tomas 5/26/2003:It is difficult to write about a book you have not read. I want to read the book but my mind lags behind in the thought of reading the book. I keep finding excuses as to why I have not read the book. I see the naked tan lines every time I sit by the window near the shower doors.
I know...
I know there are another 100 other chapters to T. E. Boyle’s book that you are not aware of.  These are the lines between each word that sees that other human being, yes the one that is verbally talked about but not written about. These are human beings that Mr. Sender saw as being alive and told that no one was going to ask them/you to leave.
LATWIDNO (Land Access To Which Is Denied No One)

Do you remember the song by Woody Guthrie that states,
This land is your land, this land is my land
From California, to the New York Island
From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters
This land was made for you and me”

Where in the world is this place that he sings about?
Where in the world is this place that our sixth grade class sang and talked about?
Where are the answers to our Christmas Carols that we sing yearly?
What Boyle missed and we try to explain is written in every page of these Digger, Hippie Museum and Morningstar web sites and books by Timothy Miller.
Mr. Sender showed and gave us that land.
Since I have not read Mr. Boyle’s book I do not know what kind of trip he is going to send me on or is he going to show me something that we/I wrote? Who knows?
I guess we have to read every book about that era to get the feeling that you already know about.

This is the point that you have to slow down and absorb every word that is said,
"if you are a scanner? stop!"
It is time to roll the rrr's flip over the W's and M's
Grab that dictionary and pick up every word that is said.
Examine what you see and see the truth.
The meaning and truth of your environment
 We have a voice and that voice is online at the various web sites that
we maintain including the Mostposts that Ramon Sender so graciously started.
Those creatures that are scurrying around are human beings created in
the image of God's choosing whatever that may be.
It is remarkable that they too have a view of the earth but still fail to
see it or slow down to see it.
"Got a date, got a date for a very important…."
The folks on the Island of Hawaii, Northern California and Kentucky live in a slower environment.
It is not so fast, but fast it is.
I work and then stop to examine the roses as they say.
When I did work down at the dam, I did it with absolute joy as
I have done everything since leaving Morningstar.
I did not miss a beat of this life. I was the star of my universe and
told others that they too were the stars of their lives.
Most brushed it off as insanity.
Laurel lives in a fast life and I slow it down with my observations.
Some she sees and some she brushes off as insanity.
What ever we want to call it, it does flow in our veins and
a warm glow of warmth still warms the earth around us.
The aura is there around each of us.

Far out badaba….
So cool.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas