I hope it rains a little bit every day in California.
The hard rains will only wash away the land.
Trees and plant life absorb a tremendous amount of water.
Without that plant life water will run over the land creating havoc.
No matter where you live plant something and keep your home green.
And use the water, using the water creates a cycle, you use it and it goes up and when it goes up it comes down.
Water does not disappear it just goes elsewhere. So bring it to your home and use it.
If they can create and oasis in Israel and in Las Vegas then you can create an oasis where ever you are.
I am still waiting for the power plants to create water from salt water along the coasts of Africa and pump it inland.
I'm sure 82 billion dollars would help a lot in that effort.
Well the economy in Marion is getting closer to that of Mexico.
Soon it will be even across the board, perhaps in about 5 years we will be moving to Mexico and sending money back to Marion.
In Murray there are more thrift shops than general clothing stores.
The hospital fired about 20 employees and it is rumored that 20 more jobs are leaving after the Christmas Party.
That is a loss of good services that forty people were providing for the community.
This is another mental breakdown for an ailing and falling economy in Marion.
The good news is that the Amish are becoming the middle class in this community.
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