Iraq only has a great history and sand.
Trading sand for weapons, is that possible?
There was nothing of monetary value in that country until the industrial age.
Who wanted the oil that seeped from the sands?
You got it.
Without oil the wheels of industry will not turn.
Is the industrial age responsible for the upcoming war in Iraq?
Trading oil for weapons, is that possible?
If you count oil as currency then you can see how they can trade oil for weapons.
There is nothing but a warlord, history, sand and oil in Iraq.
The world is choosing up sides. Both sides have an enormous amount of power. Saddam Hussein has no fear of the bolstering President Bush. President Bush has already in his mind divided up the spoils that will be left in Iraq. Does Saddam Hussein have an "Ace in the Hole" up his sleeve? In these last eleven years has Iraq been moving the "Chemicals of Mass Destruction" into the United States? Are they just poised in our cities just waiting for the war to begin? Are France, Russia and China just waiting for the fireworks to begin and maybe pick up the spoils of the war?
This nice home that I live in may go to the dogs.
The natural gas that is plentiful now may not come into my home anymore?
My words of peace will just hang here in this space of electrons, they may not rust,
they may not be seen and if they are of what use are they.
What nail will they drive home?
Words that dash into space like a bottle rocket, something to see, a flash, then gone.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas