Who are the people that effect changes in our society?
Are they the people who speak the loudest like these folks?
Or are the people that effect changes in our society just like you and me?
We are the folks with just one voice, one vote.
Who is going to hear us/me?
What can I do with just one vote?
What can I do with just one web site?
I do not want to be labeled a liberal or a conservative.
I just want my voice to be heard?
I feel like I am losing a battle I can't win.
How can one vote stop a steamroller?
Someone handed me a form that said, " I am taking your rights, sign here, it is for the welfare of our country."
I complained to the air, nobody cared.
Who can stop the red tape, the machine, and the steamroller?
Who said that our voices were like patches our mother sowed together to make a quilt to keep us warm?
Dolly Parton, Jesse Jackson or both?
Why am I misdirected to these pages?

These pages do not exist, my voice goes nowhere.
Sometimes I feel lost in a world of red tape.
When I dropped out no one listened I was invisible as I am now.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas