I am a child of the sixties; born during the Second World War.
The world around me was promised a chicken in every pot.
By the time the slogan got around to me music was the source of my inspiration.
I n the fifties rhythm and blues was a constant on the underground am radio.
It moved me, something that was different from the Roman Catholic restriction of thought and wear.
As the progression of technology moved forward so did the quality of the sound moving through this mind.
There was a promise that that black box would bring the music of the world to me in glorious surrounding sounds.
I am remembering:
Reminding me of the days when Robbie and I sat naked on acid between two speakers in a Berkley dorm room.
We were lost in the essence of time; we were the class of the sixties, Zen blasting away in stereo, our essence of being.
There was no thought only the pulse of the engine in wavelengths.
It has taken forty years to place that sound into my senses.
The Internet has moved my thoughts online which I find rather grand and decadent.
Sometimes I focus my view into that black box that sits over there.
Ricky Lee talks of the golden times.
Time has evolved and the realization that Zen is a state of mind that occupies the being in us all.
There is no need to seek what life has achieved.
We are that being.
Peace is achieved.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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